Medical Fetish


SMack! : Medical Fetish theme (12/1999)

In the Hospital:
• Chief Surgeon Madame Cole de Sade
Nurse Alana operate:
Sex Change Operation/THE CHILDBIRTH
(also featuring Gecko)
When was the last time YOU had a thorough checkup?

Special Appearance:
• DJ’s Saint James & Auton
bless the bodies with Industrial, Electronica
and anything else that’ll shake your bones

In the Dungeon:
• Ear Surgery with Xorvia DJ’s Angel (Flesh Fetish)
and Johanna Constantine & Xris SMack!

In the Sanatorium:
• Padded cell installation by Carol The MadPsy-Optik
• Hysterical? need some Electro-Shock therapy?
Playroom equipment from the Futurist Collective & Arena
• Mistress Leslie Savage controls the physical rehabilitation ward…

Visual Stimulation:
• U.S. Premiere!! Marquis Video: Rubber Nurses
• Blue screen experiments from the SMack! Video Lab and the Visual Mercenary
• Video Projections by Feedbuck Galore and Rikk Angel

• Death Nurse 2000: Art by Vulcan

Dress Code:
• Themed: Latex Nurse, Mad Doctor, Hospital Scrubs, Evil Scientist, EMT Technician, Straitjacketed Escaped Mental Patient, X-Ray Technician, Radiologist…
• FETISH: Leather, Latex, PVC, Corsetry…. Warped and Kinky!

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