Cyberpunk and Torture-Tech: DJ Daryll Hell

Live performance in the Temple:
Flesh Fetish featuring Arena

Also Featuring:
"Condemned to Hades:
the Punishing of the Damned"
by Madame Cole De Sade
• "DemonSeed": Computer Exorcism by Velocity Chyaldd & Gecko
• "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath": Sacrifice by Mistress Dakota & Dillon
• "Satanica" CD-Rom from Central Park Media
• Visual Interface by Feedbuck Galore
• Dungeon Environment
from Eve Prince and The Temple Of Flesh
• Altar & play equipment from PURGATORY
• Electric Hellfire Club giveaways from Cleopatra Records

Dress Code:
Cyber-Satan, Marquis De Sade, Evil Dominatrix, Rubber Nuns, Sacreligeous Priests, The Devil's Concubine, Slave of Satan, Tortured Soul, Leather, Latex, PVC, Gothic, Corsetry, Warped and Kinky