The Ceremony begins at 10PM!


Kundalindi: Drums of Damballa
Ritual Trance performance by Flesh Fetish

- Ceremonial bloodletting by Mystic Mike
- Flambeaux & The P-Cult sacrifice to the God of Fire
- Mistress Scarlet The Snake Charmer

The Human Voodoo Doll: Resident Masochist Andrew H

Persephone is KALI: Fetish Goddess of Destruction
ZOMBIFIED: the House of St . Eve-
The Queen of the legion of the dead will cast a spell on you!

Tribal Tomes & Echoes:
Resident DJ's Darryl Hell & Johanna Constantine
spin dark industrial...yes even the Dead Can Dance!

- From Beyond the Grave: Voodoo/Fetish video

rom the SMack! Video Lab & the Visual Mercenary
- Zen State: Madame Chao's Interactive Video Hookah
- Demonica Erotica: Art By John John Jesse
- Interactive Voodoo:

- CHI-CHIAN: Preview of Voltaire's Dark Gothic anime series
(premiere's on the SCI-FI channel's website Halloween 2000)

Ritual Torture and Sacrifice:
- High Priestess Mistress Leslie Savage & Master Magick
run the Chamber of Dark Pleasures
- Play Equiptment from The Futurist Coalition
- the "Tetruss" from Galen's Realm

- Voodoo Sigils and candles ms.caterina & Gecko
- Tarot Card readings, Ouija Board, Snake Charmers

Voodoo/Fetish Dress Code:
Body paint, Modern Primitive, Tribal Tatoos, Bone Necklaces, Zombie, Snake Charmer, Black Magic Woman, Voodoo Child, Headhunter w/Spear, Gravedigger, Witches & Warlocks... Don't Forget it's Halloween!
Classic Fetish: Leather, Latex, PVC, Corsetry Warped and Kinky!!

135 W. 42nd St., Times Square, New York City!
between 6th and 7th Avenues near the
1,2,3,7,9,A,C,E,N,R,Q,F,B&D Trains
The Ceremony Begins at 10PM!
15.000 Sq. Feet of Performance and Play!

Gate Keeper: Mistress Kaos

Flyer Image by John John Jesse
the SMack! Promo Video above
contains a lot of Footage from the
SMack! Voodoo Fetish Party

over 1,000 people came that night!